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What to wear

The number one thing to consider when deciding what to wear for your photo session is comfort! Make sure that your clothing feels good and makes YOU feel good wearing it. That confidence will come across in your photos.


It's hard to go wrong with the kiddos. Black, White, Bright, bold colors (anything but fluorescent). Big patterns (bright stripes & large polka dots). Layers, such as skirts with fun tights, or shirts with cute jackets. Dresses for girls, especially white cotton or eyelet dresses. Sweaters with hoods, for both boys and girls. Jeans! Jean skirts are also great for girls. Overalls without a shirt, for boys. No shirt at all, for boys. Jammies. Hats — stocking hats, tasseled hats, straw hats, cowboy/girl hats, etc. Tiaras, butterfly wings. Superhero capes. Ribbons and bows in the hair, rain boots, cowboy/girl boots. Winter coats with fur on the hood. Bring along a teddy bear. Striped socks. bare feet. Bright colored balloons 


Casual is great! Everyone wearing similar, coordinated tones, like light and dark blue with some pink and white mixed in — but NOT everyone in the same color! Earth tones are also very pleasing. Mix it up with different textures and shades of a similar color. (Try to avoid being too "matchy matchy" by wearing the exact same shirt or color shirt. If unsure, bring along a few different shirts, and we can help you decide if you want.) Everyone in jeans. AVOID - Bright colors such as Hot green, Blues, and reds.


For an engagement shoot, we recommend that both of you bring at least two outfits — one dressier, one more casual. Feel free to bring along any "props" such as items that have meaning to the both of you, or fun props. Jeans and white shirts is always a classic look! Ladies: pair your jeans with a dressy top. Men: pair them with a button-down. Ladies: your little black dress. Accessories - Big chunky necklaces, Bright-colored pumps, Hats, scarves, or sunglasses.


Your pre-maternity jeans–unbuttoned! Black or white solid-colored tank tops

Yoga pants. Pretty skirts with belly bands you can push below your belly. Button-down shirts left unbuttoned over your belly. Form-fitting dresses. Wear a belly band as a tube top. A pashmina to wear around your neck and drape over your top like a scarf Sun-dresses. A pretty bra and panties

Going topless (with strategic hand placement!). A manicure is a great idea because your hands will be in a lot of photos

What Not to Wear

Babies - Shirts with big logos or characters. Very small patterns, like skinny stripes or tiny polka-dot, Solids in super-bright colors, like bright orange or lime green

Families - Everyone in the same color, Matching outfits, Too Dressy

Couples - Horizontal stripes, Clothes that are too baggy or too tight, Super-low cut tops or short skirts, Tops with words on them

Don't have one person be dressy and the other one of you casual

Maternity - Clothing that is too baggy — you gotta show off that bump


With kids and babies, we love to naturally bring out smiles and tenderness. So, feel free to bring along their favorite toy which may help us capture them in their true essence. Finally, I recommend that everyone bring Chapstick so that your lips don’t look dry.